Sunday, March 1, 2015

Eldar Harlequin Troupe completed

Hey everyone - just finished up this Troupe for Warhammer 40K Harlequins and thought I'd share. I really like the models - there's a lot of room for variation in terms of bodies/masks/arms/weapons etc so you can build a really visually interesting force. I also have a couple of the Starweaver and Skyweavers on my painting table, as well as the three special characters.

I'm hesitant to push for a full army because (a) I have hobby ADD and (b) I get the feeling they are not a strong army on their own (ie need Eldar or DE allies).

I think part of what I enjoyed about painting these is the challenge of using colors that work well together (although in this case I largely cheated by using the back of box photo lol), and doing the tiny diamond patterns. It's quite hard to do on the bumpy/bent arms and legs. I went through a variety of methods (painting the grid, using a mechanical pencil, using a .005 Micron pen) and I think I've settled on using the pen. For larger surfaces like the backs of the coats I have a diamond airbrush stencil. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Infinity Nomads - Interventors and Fast Pandas

Hey folks - been a while since my last update. Today I'm posting some new additions to my slowly growing Infinity Nomads force. These are (I'm told) possibly the best hackers in the game. I also really like the models (I like the guy and the pandas better than the female tbh). They took a surprisingly long time to paint, although in general I'm a lot slower these days (age, work, family!) if I can't use my airbrush for most of the work. I think I'm happiest with the Pandas, they turned out quite nice if I do say so myself! I also left them with a slightly glossy sheen since they are robots.